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Developing with RealMassive

RealMassive is on a mission to open up CRE data and improve the intelligence and speed of the industry. With that in mind we’ve developed a fully open API. The RealMassive API gives you real-time access to our nationwide database of commercial real estate listings and related information about this $15.2 trillion industry. What you do with the data is up to you.

Here are a few key ways our API can help you:
  • Programmatically upload, manage, and syndicate inventory and availabilities.
  • Quickly and flexibly search over 100,000 listings from CRE brokerages nationwide.
  • Create, share, and manage your market surveys or favorites lists.
Pro Tip:

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Getting Started

  1. You will need to Request API access to start using the API
  2. Next, review our Quickstart Guide to review code samples
  3. For additional information, utilize our API Reference

Terms of Service

The RealMassive Terms of Service governs the API. You can review the TOS here: